Chevy Volt Investigation

Do you own or lease a Chevy Volt?  A federal class action lawsuit may impact your rights.

Herzfeld, Suetholz, Gastel, Leniski and Wall, PLLC is pursuing claims on behalf of individuals who own or lease a Chevy Volt, model years 2016-2019.  These vehicles may have a defect in their battery control module which prevents start-up or causes sudden loss of propulsion during operation, creating a significant risk of collision, bodily injury and property damage.  If you own or lease a Chevy Volt, model years 2016-2019, you may also have claims for breach of warranty for GM failing to repair the defect and for failing to provide alternative transportation under its Roadside Assistance Program.

Please contact us for a free, confidential, and risk-free consultation, so we can determine whether you qualify to join the class action lawsuit. If you want to know more about the federal lawsuit and how it might impact your rights and legal options, please contact HSGLaW as soon as possible at (615) 800-6225 or submit a message below.

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